Gutor Battery Management System

Industrial battery management system

Gutor Battery Management System (G.BMS) is a solution for balancing the charge of each battery block and continuously monitors the voltage, impedance, temperature and as an option the electrolyte level


Increase your battery availability with advance monitoring process

G.BMS is a comprehensive battery management solution for commercial and industrial applications, such as data centers and oil and gas operations. In addition to regulating voltage levels and maintaining battery health, the G.BMS provides real-time information, alerts, and analysis through seamless connectivity with UPS systems, and other third-party platforms. The G.BMS’s equalization process, constant monitoring, and smart communication can extend the service life of your batteries by more than 30% and reduce the need for battery replacements by up to 70%.


Cost effective

The Gutor Battery Management System (G.BMS) provides a flexible solution for remotely monitoring batteries, which reduces the need for manpower and lowers operational costs. It also enables faster and more accurate responses on site.

Extends battery life

The G.BMS equalization, a patented proactive voltage balancing process, ensures that all batteries are kept within the optimal operating voltage range. This prevents overcharging or undercharging, which can shorten the life of the batteries. Maintaining the batteries within their optimal voltage range, the G.BMS helps them reach their full design lifespan.

Reduce turnover rate

The ability to detect underperforming cells leads to efficient replacements, conserving resources and significantly lowering the replacement rate of batteries.

Performance and trending analysis

Provides access to all measurements and generates open analysis, ready to be integrated into our monitoring solutions and connected to all common industry protocols.

24/7 monitoring

An alert system can be set up to monitor battery cells and can be accessed through multiple communication channels, providing increased visibility into battery performance.


A patented process that regulates each battery’s voltage supplied by the charger or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. This process calibrates the batteries and keeps them at the ideal state of charge.

  • Balance the battery voltage levels to prevent unintended overcharging or undercharging. As a result, it helps to limit gassing, dry-out, and thermal runaway.
  • Maximizes battery capacity: ensures an ideal state of charge and optimal functioning.
  • Battery replacement with the minimal risk of overcharging protects the batteries from damage caused by neighbors in the string.

Continuous monitoring provides real-time performance information in terms of block voltage, impedance, temperature, and string currents.

  • Efficiently identify potential problems and implement countermeasures.
  • Supports maintenance planning on site with ease. Timely replacement of bad cells improves the batteries lifespan.

G.BMS delivers warning notifications through audio, visual, and network messages for system events. These warning flags can be configured on dry contact relays to suit the specific needs of your site.

An alert system can be set up to monitor battery cells and can be accessed through multiple communication channels, providing increased visibility into battery performance.

Each system includes data visualization and management software. The product can be connected to a control system or integrated into the EcoStruxure framework via an Ethernet connection, providing additional capabilities.