Gutor Modular

A highly flexible and modular industrial-grade charger and UPS up to 15kW


Secure your business continuity and enhance your operation

The Gutor Modular series offers a wide range of DC Chargers and soon, UPS Systems (mainly up to 15kW). It integrates power conversion, backup time, and output distribution breakers in one smart, connected, cybersecure certified system.

This is a series of industrial-grade systems designed to enhance robustness, reliability, and efficiency to protect your critical applications in harsh environments, giving you peace of mind by optimizing your total cost of ownership (TCO).


Sustainable Design

Gutor Modular is an industrial-grade UPS with over 20 years of design life. Its lifetime can be extended further with preventative maintenance and spare part management.

Improve Productivity

To always keep your power on. Gutor Modular strives to converge toward an error-free state with our safe live swap concept and redundant modules.

Complete Efficiency

Convergence of key functions into one system saves your space, time, and cost. Gutor Modular gives you the flexibility to meet your site’s needs.

Operational Confidence

Cybersecure-certified and advanced monitoring solutions allow you to stay connected with your system and access information anywhere, at any time, on any device.


  • Nominal ambient temperature is up to 50°C.
  • Up to IP42 with “Spacial SF Enclosure” increases robustness and protection.
  • Conformal coating components and PCBA
  • Strong input short circuit capability.
  • Galvanic isolation and overvoltage protection.
  • More than 20 years of design lifespan with proper service & spare parts management
  • Redundant level on demand: N+1 to N+x.
  • N+N ready with dual AC input configuration concept.
  • Live swap concept is tested and validated in line with the stringent safety review process. It offers a low mean time to repair (MTTR) and direct accessibility for a local operator.
  • Redundant fans in each power module.
  • Wide input voltage keeps the battery backup time only for major outages.
  • Ready to be connected to most standard industry input voltage in 1ph, 2ph, or 3ph+N.
  • Capability to supply a wide variety of loads in a single system
  • Ready for different battery technologies such as lead acid (valve-regulated lead-acid and vented lead acid), NiCd, Li-lon, and Sodium Metal Chloride.
  • Predefined configurations with built-in battery and built-in output distribution breakers to optimize the system’s footprint.
  • 10″ touch screen provides effective monitoring. The overall interface is robust and configurable with selective alarms
  • Various communication protocols with standard options of Modbus TCP, Modbus R$485, SNMP, and IEC 61850. Optional Profibus, DNP3, and BACnet/IP are available on request.
  • Compliance with international cybersecurity standards with well-established firmware, software, personnel training, and documentation.
  • Seamless integration into EcoStruxure or 3rd party advanced digital platforms make system information available and accessible everywhere.