Gutor PXC

10-100 kVA high performance, compact, pre- engineered 3 phase UPS for light and heavy industrial applications.

Industrial UPS engineering simplified


10 to 80kVA (400V); 25 to 100kVA (208V)
Gutor PXC 3 Phase UPS is the first pre-engineered industrial UPS for light and heavy industrial environments. Highly compact, Gutor PXC works effortlessly with your facility monitoring systems and offers full industrial design options, and a wide temperature range from -10 to +55 °C. It also features top and bottom cable entry and a fully integrated isolation transformer option( 50Hz: available today; 60Hz: coming soon). With full front service access, modular fans, and power modules, the Gutor PXC is one of the easiest UPSs in its class to deploy, install and maintain.



  • Dual mains input -standard – Standard feature increases availability by allowing the UPS to be connected to two separate power sources.
  • Advanced electrical features – Excellent power conditioning, very low harmonic distortion through IGBT rectifier, input power factor correction, and high power efficiency
  • Flexible Design – Available in a wide range of configurations to suit any operating environment
  • Swappable fan replacement – Allows replacement of individual fans without going to bypass increasing availability and load protection.


  • LCD graphics display – Text and mimic diagrams that display modes of operation, system parameters and alarms.
  • LED Indicators – Provide easy-to-read status of the unit and utility power conditions.


  • Multiple levels of service – With the option of packages or individual service components, our services are structured to allow you to pick and choose what you would like APC to do for you.
  • Front-access servicing – Simplifies installation and UPS maintenance while minimizing space requirements.
  • Life Cycle monitoring – Allows predictive maintenance notification to ensure continuity on the entire UPS system.


  • EU CoC for UPS – Ensures that UPSs sold in the EU are highly efficient

Total cost of Ownership

  • Robust operation – No power derating in kW up to 40 degrees C or 104 degrees F.
  • Wide input voltage range – Designed for harsh electrical environments to save battery life.
  • High efficiency – High efficiency rates that remain stable even at lower operating power levels


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